architecture + design


critic: carla leitao


Montessori is a [sub]urban infill project that bridges the gap of Staten Island’s [schizophrenic] urbanism where single family homes are interspersed between large residential and industrial complexes. The project took on a dualistic attempt to bridge the site across its unassumed programmatic juxtapositions, as well as a more literal, physical bridge across the site’s sloping terrain. The project started with a series of studies of tensile membranes that were stretched across the site to create new spatial conditions between inside/outside, inside/inside, and outside/outside.  As new spaces were developed areas of “crystallization” began to occur that solidified certain aspects of the building that would create new moments of structural and spatial intervention, which resulted in one contiguous and cohesive membrane that was conducive for the spatial flexibility of the Montessori teaching methods.