architecture + design


in collaboration with: Kyle Dunnington + Trey Lindsay

critic: erich schoenenberger
digitalAsst: hart marlow
teachingAsst: hannibal newsom


Nexus was part of comprehensive design studio that focused on the redevelopment of Chicago’s Clybourn Metra Station. The building was conceptualized from the interaction of various modes of circulation surrounding the site, which, in turn, created a framework of circulation lines: existing/expected. As a response to the site’s surrounding circulation, we began to simulate various methods of clustering and bundling of these circulation paths into dominant lines that can be articulated throughout the design. The resulting lines were implemented through a holistic system that informs the design - from landscape and building form to mechanical systems. By employing and referencing contextual hierarchies into the design strategy, the building acts as a beacon and destination place that pulls in the surrounding neighborhood to a mediatheque that is located above the transit station, which is meant to encourage the development of local high-tech ventures.

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